‘The only place, it seems, artist Jeremy Houghton is not in residence these days is his own Broadway home in the Cotswolds’. The Daily Telegraph.

Artist in Residence Jeremy Houghton uses sporting, Royal and military occasions to explore the essence of motion, favouring themes of light, space, movement and time. The subjects that characterise these scenes are illuminated by his focus on the spaces in which bodies linger, shimmer, move and often take flight.

Over the last twenty years he has been invited to detail the life of a number of high-profile communities, from those at Windsor Castle and Highgrove to 2017’s Wimbledon championships, and the competitors at the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. With each of these projects Houghton is interested in getting beyond public perception, documenting instead the everyday scenes that characterise an event or place.

Although Houghton’s focus and style ranges quite widely, his technique remains a constant. Emphasis on painted shapes of light and space, contrasting against areas of bold colour enables his subjects to glimmer in the liminal territory between figuration and abstraction. Often with extraneous detail removed, the paintings are hard to place, giving them a timeless quality that serves to underline their fluidity.

Houghton continually explores the potential of negative space to represent light, and often references ‘ma’, the concept in Japanese aesthetics that translates roughly as ‘gap’ or ‘pause’, and which in traditional practice helps balance the relationship between different areas of an image. This focus on the space between things lends his paintings, even when they are of something as solid as a horse or a racing boat, a surprising delicacy. Houghton holds his subjects on a very thin, almost invisible line between motion and the ability to transcend time.


MA by Research, Fine Art (Glassground Installation), University of Gloucestershire, UK

Postgraduate Diploma, Fine Art, University of Gloucestershire, UK

Studied for a BA in Fine Art, University of Aix Marseille, France (unfinished due to job offer in Cape Town)

Summer Foundation course, The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, UK

LLB Honours, Law, University of Exeter, UK