Set up by Jeremy Houghton, Heart Felt Tips is an initiative that organises for children who are suffering economic hardship to receive pencil cases packed with pens and other art supplies: creative tools that they all too often lack. These pencil cases also contain Tip Sheets, which offer ideas to stimulate imaginative thinking and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

The pencil cases are filled by children at schools and clubs, and then distributed via frontline food banks and faith centres, ensuring that the most deserving kids receive them quickly. Heart Felt Tips also helps build empathy, enabling the luckier children who help by filling the cases to understand that there are people in their local community who are no different to them but in need of extra support.

Creative stimulus and hope for the future shouldn’t be denied to you because your family are having a hard time – Heart Felt Tips aims to help ensure that doesn’t happen.

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