Artist in Residence for Ben Ainslie

Jeremy Houghton has been appointed Artist in Residence for Land Rover BAR, the British challenging team for the 35th America’s Cup, lead by Sir Ben Ainslie.

As well as pathways over ground and water, birds in flight also feature in Houghton’s repertoire. This has enabled the contemplation of light and space, between objects, that in other works are actually the focus of his attention. This knowledge in the depiction of fight is one of the reasons that led to Houghton’s America’s Cup appointment. These multi-hulled boats are in fact designed to be airborne with only a foil preventing complete lift off. In design, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics merit equal consideration. Likewise, Houghton captures progress both through and over the sea, which can be as relentless as the artist striving to capture efforts to co-opt the environment’s power in pursuit of success. Colin Cameron

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