How To Buy Art Online: 4 Tips For First Time Buyers.

With all of the changes to life as we know it this year, buying Art as well as our groceries online has now become the new normal.

But how do you make such a considered and potentially valuable purchase from the end of the computer or your smartphone?

Here are 4 easy steps to help you when buying an Artwork online


Do you have the gut feeling that this potential purchase is a ‘must have’ piece that you’ll regret not buying and hanging on your wall for the delight of guests (when we are allowed them again) and of course for your own daily pleasure.


For a more valuable piece do some research into the artist, what are they inspired by what resonates with you about their story or their life and career. Are there any pulls at the heartstrings to help you confirm the purchase?

With everyone trying to be an artist these days, just like everyone trying to be a photographer in the main part thanks to the invention of social media platforms such as Instagram, what even constitutes ‘Art’? Just buy what you love.

If possible get hold of a certificate of authenticity to prove that the Artwork comes from the person who its pertaining to be from then you should!

If you can’t get hold of one of those, make sure you do dome research. Use the internet and social media channels to search and discover other artworks from the artist. See if it all matches up, ask for some expert advice – a gallery or association may be able to help you there too, it’s always worth reaching out to someone in the know.


When buying Art online, how long is a piece of string?

Every single piece of Art is different and you will want to buy something different to the next person, all dependent on your style, budget, perhaps even your location.

One of the great things about buying art online is that you have access to a far wider selection than you otherwise would in a bricks and mortar gallery. The Art world is your oyster.

As well as this, you can browse and select your artwork based on those individual needs and filter the searches by budget, size, colour and style. Choose a price range, look for a GIANT artwork for a grand room, or select a painting depicting birds in flight.

As well as heading to Google, also look at Pinterest as a way to find an Artist of works of Art for sale. Pinterest’s handy guided search will allow you to hone down your search into the minutiae of detail, plus you can use their online matching tool to upload an image you like and find something similar!


When you have been through the process above, carefully searched and selected the piece of Art that you love then the next thing is making sure it gets to you in one piece.

A professional artist or gallery will insure this happens as a matter of course but it is worth asking the questions at the point of purchase to find out who will be handling its delivery and shipping.

Hidden shipping fees can also be a surprise so make sure to ask about this before purchase. Duties and taxes will vary depending on the value, size and location of your precious purchase.

Buy prints by Jeremy Houghton

For information regarding limited edition signed prints by Jeremy Houghton please email [email protected] and request a catalogue.

Whilst the Covid pandemic makes planning shows and exhibitions very difficult, we are keeping our fingers crossed that Houghton’s summer solo show at the KW Contemporary Gallery in Maine USA will go ahead, and also the ‘In Conversation with Jeremy Houghton’ at The Royal Academy in September.

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